Absolute Truth and Unbearable Psychic Pain : Psychoanalytic by Allan Frosch

By Allan Frosch

The identify of this publication refers to a specific building of the area that brooks no uncertainty: 'things are the best way i feel them to be'. there's no opposite direction! it is a actual strengthen to one's self assurance - even supposing this conviction is predicated exclusively on our personal concepts or fast event. whilst a gaggle or association percentage a one-dimensional view of the realm the feel of conviction takes the shape of a  Read more...

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2. The dream about the couple and the green slime, representing her dependence upon the analyst and the work, while also subjecting it and herself to the ravages of self-neglect and envy. 3. And the fire escape dream, depicting the possibility of separating from the familiar chaos and abuse (leaving the family) while also beginning a process of mourning (feeling sad for the family) which such separation makes possible. I offer these creative musings to illustrate both the kaleidoscopic nature of the dream and the evolving meanings possible among collaborative minds.

Hence, the patient defends against the process that makes meaning possible, not against specific content. Two major clinical problems emerge. How does one address defence against the process that makes meaning possible? And when does one use traditional forms of intervention which presume meaning? Concrete patients sometimes speak in a way that allows the analyst to interpret in a content oriented way. The analyst usually breathes a sigh of relief: analytic work as he/she understands it can finally take place.

This young patient was expressing the experiential world of “how it is” (“things just happen”), but once he felt held in mind by my efforts to understand he could begin to contrast this with his experience of his mother’s non-receiving (“yelling”) state of mind. At the time I was impressed by this very young child’s observation, but also I could more deeply appreciate how a child’s development including his capacities for thought may be impacted by his parent’s (in)capacities to receive and to really think about his experiences and expressions.

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