Amazing ''Aha !'' Puzzles by Lloyd King

By Lloyd King

Advance YOUR artistic GENIUS! (Paperback) do you need to enhance your skill to imagine ‘outside the field’ and advance your creativity? From the writer of try Your artistic pondering (The occasions) comes this really mind-altering and inspirational publication of greater than three hundred fresh lateral puzzles, which supply an exquisite chance for an individual to enhance their creativity and psychological flexibility. it's jam-packed with every kind of enjoyable and innovative difficulties of various levels of hassle that motivate you to damage out of ordinary idea styles and to imagine creatively and ‘outside the box’. furthermore, the puzzles have super worthwhile and addictive “Aha!” solutions totally certain to make you either groan and smile while. Puzzle wizards, old and young, will completely love this ebook in addition to be thoroughly enchanted by means of it!

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CLOSE ENCOUNTER aaa Can you find the intruder? Which letter does not belong in the following sentence? ” Puzzles 101. MATCHMAKING aaa Below are eleven headless matches. Add two more headless matches to leave a total of fourteen. 102. ROUND TRIP aaaa What is the next word in this sequence? OPAQUE TOPAZ CHROME RIG CODED BY POETS HAT ? Choose from: ANGLE, DREAMT, HEROIC, OWES, RESONATED. 50 Puzzles 103. ANALOGY aaa What word completes this analogy? SMALL CREATURES is to GOBLIN as SCREAM A RESULT is to ?

Puzzles 69. SPACEMAN aa Can you rearrange two of these three things to create an astronaut? 70. TO CATCH A THIEF aaa Someone has stolen a precious diamond. Under suspicion are Susan, Agnes, Nancy, Simon and Tommy. One of them is definitely guilty. Look over this puzzle carefully. Eventually you will find the culprit. It is very easy. Too easy some might say. STOLE IT 71. WHAT’S COOKING? aa Windlestraw’s supper is bubbling away in two glass flasks normally used for brewing his magic potions because he is very behind with the washing-up.

40 aaa Puzzles 77. AN INSIDE JOB aa Turn the two dials until they are in the correct positions and then say the magic words to unlock the safe. 78. SPANISH TREASURE aaa Rich Pickins the pirate has a treasure chest containing five identical old silver Spanish coins. Below is an overhead view showing the open chest. What kind of coins does it contain? ” Puzzles 79. OUT OF AFRICA aaa What letter should go in place of the question mark? 80. NO END IN SIGHT aaa Can you place a letter in the end shape to leave something that is made of sugar?

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