Amazing Animals Q & A by David Burnie

By David Burnie

Filled with eye-popping images and much out proof, the entire questions you may ever ask in regards to the animal state are responded during this specific family members reference.

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Amazing Animals Q & A

Crammed with eye-popping images and much out evidence, the entire questions you'll ever ask concerning the animal country are spoke back during this specific relatives reference.

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38 Sockeye salmon Q Who has good cheekbones? A In the world of humans, rugged Satin bowerbirds Q Who is attracted by the color blue? A Male bowerbirds have amazing building skills. To attract females, each male collects hundreds of small sticks and makes a structure called a bower. The male then decorates the bower with bright objects and waits for his work to catch a female’s eye. Satin bowerbirds, from Australia, always use blue in their color scheme. The males collect blue flowers, blue feathers, and even blue bottle caps to spread out on the ground.

Glow worm climbs up grass after dark Female glow worm Throat flap is also used to threaten enemies  Male cracker butterflies make a snapping sound when they fly. The sound attracts females, but keeps other males away. n Female fireflies produce light to attract males. Some attract other species, then eat them.  A flightless bird, the great bustard, attracts females by fluffing up its feathers. At the height of its performance, the bird looks as if it has turned itself inside out. Male frigate bird Pouch turns from orange to deep red during breeding season Q Which bird gives a puffed-up performance?

Some think they navigate by tasting the water, because the taste changes from one part of the ocean to another. Young eels 58 Long snakelike body Adult European eel Q Do birds migrate at night? A Birds often do travel at night, particularly if the sky is clear. The air is usually calmer after dark, which makes it easier to fly. At night, there are also fewer predators on the wing, so they have less chance of being attacked. During their night flights, birds use the stars like a compass, to help them find their way.

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