Blackjack Blueprint: How to Play Like a Pro … Part-Time by Rick 'Night Train Blaine

By Rick 'Night Train Blaine

From the 1st flip of the cardboard to getting out of a overseas kingdom with a suitcase packed with money, Blackjack Blueprint is the main entire booklet ever written on studying to play blackjack for profit.

This e-book covers every little thing from uncomplicated technique to counting playing cards, from maximizing strength going solo to enjoying on a blackjack workforce. on line casino comps, tournaments, position play, shuffle monitoring, taking part in in conceal, outwitting the attention within the sky, and different advantage-play techniques—it’s all here.

Best of all, the suggestions you’ll study in Blackjack Blueprint can be utilized part-time as a money-making pastime, simply as writer Rick Blaine has used them for years whereas pursuing a occupation in finance.

This revised variation comprises new details on getting reimbursed for airline tickets to on line casino locations, negotiating and optimizing rebates on playing losses, hiding chips and disguising wins, protection whereas on blackjack-related web content, mitigating the danger of identification robbery by means of on line casino and credit-agency staff, and maintaining your own privateness whilst making huge funds transactions at casinos.

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Flip over the second card, mentally add it to or subtract it from your running count, and say your new running count. At this point, when completing your countdown, you should be arriving at zero with consistency. Remember, if you’re not at zero, repeat the countdown in the same order. Why? If an isolated sequence of numbers is throwing you off, the best way to correct it is through repetition. If you’re going through that deck a little faster, that’s good. The more you practice, the more your speed will pick up.

When the player busts, the original two cards should be tossed on the table, face up. Players have the option to “double down” on the first two cards dealt. The rules vary by casino; some permit a player to double on any two cards, while others allow doubling only on two-card totals of 10 or 11. To double down, place an amount equal to the original wager next to it. ” In a face-down game, turn both cards face up and place them in front of the original bet. When a player doubles down, only one additional card is dealt to that hand.

He instructed me to place the money on the table, so I put the $50 down on the circle in front of my seat. The dealer asked if I wanted to bet the $50. I shook my head no. I had no way of knowing that the cash should not have been placed in the betting circle unless I wanted to bet it all. After instruction on how to get change the proper way, I had 10 red chips in front of me, each valued at $5. Two cards were dealt in front of me and I reached to pick them up. “Please don’t handle the cards, sir,” the dealer snapped at me.

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