Computer Vision — ECCV 2002: 7th European Conference on by José Gomes, Aleksandra Mojsilovic (auth.), Anders Heyden,

By José Gomes, Aleksandra Mojsilovic (auth.), Anders Heyden, Gunnar Sparr, Mads Nielsen, Peter Johansen (eds.)

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2, we assume that the radiance is defined in a neighborhood around the surface s. Since the radiance is originally defined only on the surface (or the zero level set of ψ), we need to find a way to extend it. One way to do so, which is widely used in the literature of applied mathematics [5,27], is to extend r such that it is constant along the normals of s. This means that the extension should satisfy ∇r · ∇ψ = 0. (19) A Variational Approach to Shape from Defocus 25 To solve the above equation we numerically search for the steady state solution of the following PDE: ∂r + sign(ψ)(∇r · ∇ψ) = 0.

In Proceedings of SCV, page 11B Segmentation and Grouping II, 1995. 32. G. Wyszecky and W. S. Stiles. Color science: Concepts and methods, quantitative data and formulae. John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1982. 33. H. Zhao, S. Osher, B. Merriman, and M. Kang. Implicit and non-parametric shape reconstruction from unorganized points using variational level set method. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 80(3):295–319, 2000. 34. W. A. Hummel. Toward a low-level description of dot clusters: Labeling edge, interior, and noise points.

In Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision, pages 676–680, Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy, 1992. 10. L. R. Lamberson G. F. Gruska, K. Mirkhani. Non-Normal data Analysis. , 1967. 11. Tziritas G. Garcia C. Face detection using quantized skin color regions merging and wavelet packet analysis. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 1(3):264–277, 1999. 12. G. Guy. Inference of multiple curves and surfaces from sparse data. D. thesis, 1996. 13. G. Hahn and S. Shapiro. Statistical Models in Engineering.

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