Construcción de los conceptos freudianos II by Juan Carlos Cosentino

By Juan Carlos Cosentino

Este libro incluye l. a. segunda y tercera parte de 'Construcción de los conceptos freudianos' en su versión inicial. Se trata de un conjunto de clases que reproducen, con algunas modificaciones, el trabajo con los textos freudianos que Juan Carlos Cosentino ha realizado, desde 1986 a 1993, siguiendo el ordenamiento de los angeles asignatura Psicoanálisis: Freud, cátedra II, en l. a. Facultad de Psicología de l. a. Universidad de Buenos Aires.

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This he reports in a rational and bland manner with no awareness of any feelings of protest or anger, though he presents it as a “misjudgement” on the part of his mother. He describes the weekend in great detail but with no affect. I say how difficult it is for him that he is disturbed by angry feelings, which he experiences as a disturbing noise from inside himself. I suggest that perhaps the weekend and the coming break have 16 I N T E R P R E T I V E VO I C E S aroused some of these dreaded feelings that he now tries to push away.

During the break she had spent a lot of time writing a long, reasoned email to G, carefully laying out her contributions to the difficulties in their relationship, showing how she was aware of her part in them: her angry attacks, accusations, and controlling behaviour. In the letter, she had outlined how she had been thinking a great deal about this and how she had changed due to analysis, and she spoke of her intentions to make their relationship work better in the future. She told him she had been getting her life together, and felt excited that they would meet later in the summer when he returned.

D O I N T E R P R E TAT I O N S T E L L T H E T R U T H ? ). , p. 115), seeming to sanction a kind of intuitive connection as a valid if not prioritised method. I consider this an interesting conjunction between Freud and Klein; both suggest that analytic truth falls into the domain of the analyst’s intuition in the present immediate contact with the patient. Bion, in writing of the analyst’s intuition when memory and desire have been put aside, said, there is “the coming together by a sudden precipitating intuition, of a mass of apparently unrelated incoherent phenomena which are … given coherence and meaning not previously possessed …” (1967, p.

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