Drug Delivery Nanoparticles Formulation and Characterization by Yashwant Pathak, Deepak Thassu

By Yashwant Pathak, Deepak Thassu

Nanoparticles, items of nanotechnology, are of accelerating curiosity to the pharmaceutical neighborhood. they could elevate drug solubility, increase bioavailability, enable tissue concentrating on, provide diminished side-effects, and increase healing efficacy. proposing the main pertinent and sensible concerns within the production and organic program of nanoparticles, this resource offers state of the art medical contributions by means of pro experts within the box.

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Electrolytes reduce the zeta potential and subsequently impair the physical stability, especially of ionic surfactants. , the combination of steric and electrostatic stabilization. There is a wide choice of various charged surfactants in case of drug nanocrystals for oral administration. , the formulation of Emend (15). SDS as a low molecular weight surfactant diffuses fast to particle surfaces; it has excellent dispersion properties. Adsorption onto the particle surface leads to high zeta potential values providing good physical stabilities.

Nowadays however, many of the new compounds are so poorly soluble that micronization is not sufficient to overcome a too low oral bioavailability. Consequently, the next step taken was to move from micronization to nanonization. By going down one more dimension from the microrange to the nanoworld there is a distinct increase in the surface area and related dissolution velocity. For example, when moving from a spherical 50 mm particle to micronized 5 mm particles, Manufacturing of Nanoparticles 23 the total surface area enlarges by a factor of 10, moving to 500 nm nanocrystals by a factor of 100.

Because of possible differences in particle uptake, gene expression efficiencies can also be improved with smaller particles. Prabha et al. (20) studied relative transfectivity of 70and 202-nm-PLGA nanoparticles in cell culture. The smaller particles showed a 27-fold higher transfection than the larger nanoparticles in COS-7 cell line and a fourfold higher transfection in HEK-293 cell line. CONCLUSIONS Nanoparticles offer unique properties as compared to microor macroparticles. Salient features include the following:       Small size.

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