F-111 Success in Action by Anthony M. Thornborough

By Anthony M. Thornborough

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P2V Neptune in action

The U.S. Navy's first post-war open ocean patrol bomber, the P2V served in the course of the chilly struggle and into the twenty first Century. a hundred Black & White images, dozens of line drawings, 3 complete colour conceal work & 10 colour profiles. 50 pages.

Foreign Invaders: The Douglas Invader in Foreign Military and US Clandestine Service

After WWII, enormous quantities of surplus US army airplane have been exported to allies all over the international. The B-26 Invader is a kind of planes that stumbled on a brand new rent on existence after US army use. principally exported to international locations in Latin the US together with Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras, the B-26 Invader observed huge use by means of the French in Indochina and Algeria and via Portugal in Africa.

Fw 190D

The lengthy nostril Fw-190D used to be the liquid-cooled engine variation of the sooner Fw-190 sequence of Luftwaffe opponents. This quantity provides a pilots eye view of the Fw-190D protecting info seldom visible in different guides.

Human-Centered Information Fusion

Info fusion refers back to the merging of data from disparate resources with differing conceptual, contextual and typographical representations. instead of targeting conventional information fusion functions that have been in most cases serious about actual army goals, this designated source explores new human-centered developments, resembling destinations, id, and interactions of people and teams (social networks).

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