French lancers by Nigel de Lee

By Nigel de Lee

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P2V Neptune in action

The united states Navy's first post-war open ocean patrol bomber, the P2V served through the chilly warfare and into the twenty first Century. a hundred Black & White photos, dozens of line drawings, 3 complete colour disguise work & 10 colour profiles. 50 pages.

Foreign Invaders: The Douglas Invader in Foreign Military and US Clandestine Service

After WWII, huge quantities of surplus US army airplane have been exported to allies everywhere in the international. The B-26 Invader is a type of planes that stumbled on a brand new hire on existence after US army use. mostly exported to international locations in Latin the USA together with Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras, the B-26 Invader observed wide use via the French in Indochina and Algeria and by means of Portugal in Africa.

Fw 190D

The lengthy nostril Fw-190D used to be the liquid-cooled engine variation of the sooner Fw-190 sequence of Luftwaffe warring parties. This quantity offers a pilots eye view of the Fw-190D masking info seldom noticeable in different guides.

Human-Centered Information Fusion

Info fusion refers back to the merging of data from disparate assets with differing conceptual, contextual and typographical representations. instead of targeting conventional info fusion functions that have been regularly serious about actual army ambitions, this special source explores new human-centered developments, similar to destinations, id, and interactions of people and teams (social networks).

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2. moving by the force of gravity ballistic bomb /bə lstk bɒm/ noun a bomb which is simply dropped onto a target by an aircraft. ı general purpose ballistic | ballistic bomb | bomb, iron bomb ballistic missile /bə lstk msal/ noun a guided missile which ends its flight in a ballistic descent. ı interconballistic missile | tinental ballistic missile ballistics /bə lstks/ noun the science of projectiles and firearms (NOTE: takes a singular verb) balloon / bə lu n/ noun a large bag ballistics | balloon | filled with gas to make it rise in the air.

A campsite of improvised shelters í verb to sleep outside without proper tents ć They bivouacked in the corner of a field. (NOTE: bivoubivouac acking – bivouacked) bivvy / bvi/ noun a bivouac (informal ) bivvy bag / bvi b / noun a waterproof sleeping-bag cover. ı kitbag, bivvy bivvy bag sleeping-bag BK / bi ke/ noun a second in command of a battery ć The BK has been killed. Full form battery kapitan BL-755 / bi el sev(ə)n fav fav/ noun a British-designed cluster bomb black /bl k/ ˽ go black US to exhaust your ammunition ć our recon platoon has gone black Blackbird / bl kb d/ noun ‘ SR-71 Blackhawk / bl khɔ k/ noun an American-designed UH-60 utility/transport helicopter Blackjack / bl kd k/ noun a NATO name for the Soviet-designed TU-160 strategic bomber aircraft black market / bl k mɑ kt/ noun an illicit trade in articles which are illegal, rationed or difficult to obtain, usually at a considerable profit ć Respirators and NBC suits are fetching very high prices on the black market.

Verb 1. to cause damage to something ć He broke the window. ć He broke his leg. 2. to stop being in a close group ć The enemy has broken. 3. to stop an activity (usually for a short period) ć They broke for lunch. 4. ˽ to break contact to stop fighting with the enemy and withdraw. ı disengage ˽ to break cover to come out into the open breakage / brekd / noun a damaged object ć Soldiers have to pay for their breakages. break down / brek daυn/ verb 1. to suffer from a physical and mental collapse as a result of stress (used of people) ć He has broken down completely.

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